*Spellweaver Moon Diary 2018*

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Note, this item is only for the Moon Diary, for the item that includes all the reference work please select the Spellweaver's Companion.

This Moon Diary can be used on its own or in conjunction with the Spellweaver's Companion which will detail what spells are best in each moon phase and a host of other useful spell work reference material.

The cover has stunning original artwork.
Wire comb binder allowing for easy fold flat opening throughout the year.

The Diary includes:
One week per page with information on the Moon, times of Moon rising and which astrological sign it is in at that time.
Full, New, Quarters, Waxing, Waning, and Wishing Moons, Celtic Tree and lots of Mioon Lore information. Also Sabbats, neo pagan Moon names, some Goddess festival dates, plus more!
Times are based on GMT with an adjustment chart for various cities around the world.

Each month starts with an original artwork (artwork copyright only to us). On the reverse is a summary page of information relating to that month along with examples of old lore.

All produced using 100g weight quality paper with a 300gsm weight card cover.

Only available through Pagan Wholesale, this Moon Diary (and the Spellweaver's Companion) are researched, written, printed and assembled by us.

UK shipping only

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