Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use

Pagan Wholesale - Conditions of Use

1. General Principle of Contract

1.1 These terms and conditions form a contract between you as the customer and Pagan Wholesale. When you register with us you will be notified to read this. By placing an order with us you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and have to tick a box stating so to complete the order.
1.2. We are under no obligation to fulfil an order placed with us through the web site and can refund any payment and refuse to proceed with the order at our absolute discretion.If you cancel your order with us there will be a £35GBP restocking fee that will be deducted from any monies already paid. This is to cover for goods already made or in the process of being made for your order.

2 Eligibility to Trade

2.1. Pagan Wholesale will only supply to the trade and not to the public or those who are employed in other occupations with retail not being their main occupation. Trade is defined as a retail outlet where that is the main occupation of the trader. No access to prices and on line ordering will be given to those who are not traders as defined.
2.2 In order to assist in defining genuine traders all customers wishing to buy from us must supply two verifiable trade references relating to the pagan, gift or New Age trades. This must include the full company name, address and phone number. Trade referees are your current suppliers whom you have purchased stock from in the last 6 months. If you object to providing these details we reserve the right not to trade with you. Trade references are not for credit terms they are only used to verify your trader status and are treated in confidence.
2.3. Customers who are VAT registered may instead provide a faxed copy of their VAT certificate to us or enter the VAT number in both trade reference boxes on completing registration.
2.4. We reserve the right to delete or remove registration details of anyone not providing the required information on registration to prove their trader status.
2.5. We reserve the right to refuse to trade with anyone who is rude, intimidating or obnoxious, or makes any misrepresentations to any staff member of Pagan Wholesale. There will be no warnings, if a customer acts in this manner they will be struck off from our database and we will not trade with them again. We do not supply other wholesale companies without prior agreement.
2.6. All items remain the property of Pagan Wholesale until they are paid for in full along with any shipping charges, or any other charge levied. If any payment is subject of a chargeback or is referred to drawer by their bank then the complete order remains our property until paid for in full. We reserve the right not to trade with anyone who fails to make a full and proper payment for their order by whatever means. Interest will be charged on any outstanding balance at the current daily rate should an order not be paid for that they have received.
2.7. Any item that we sell exclusively and is associated with the Pagan Wholesale or Spellweaver brand names are quality items. We reserve the right to refuse to supply anyone who acts in a manner likely to demean, devalue, copy or undermines those brand names.
2.8. We reserve the right to refuse to trade with anyone who knowingly approaches any of our suppliers and attempts to undermine our position with them in any way.
2.9. All goods supplied by us are sold solely for the purpose of resale only and are covered by Law of Contract under English Law.

3. Minimum Order Value

3.1. Our minimum order is defined in the activation email that you are sent when accepted as a customer with us. This minimum must be reached before shipping charges and VAT is added on to the total. Mimimum order levels may change and will be notified in our online newsletter. Our minimum order value is currently £100 for new customers £200 for those who cannot prove trading history and £100 for all subsequent orders, a low order fee of £20 is applied to orders below these figures. This low order fee will show on £10checkout if you are below the minimum and will be charged without further notice to you. We do not offer free shipping for orders of any value if using PayPal as a payment method. You will be asked to pay shipping if you select free shipping at checkout when using this payment gateway.Under the news terms of PayPal from March 2020, any refunds through PayPal will be minus the PayPal fees, as PayPal will no longer refund PayPal fees back to either party.
3.2. The minimum order value cannot be reduced by using credit notes.
3.3 If your order falls below the accepted minimum due to out of stock items Pagan Wholesale reserves the right to substitute items or duplicate items from your order to reach our accepted minimum order value. If the order value is over £10 below the minimum order value, then we will endeavour to contact you for substitute items to be sent to bring the order back to the minimum level.
3.4 Out of stock items do not count towards the minimum order value regardless of whether they are shown in stock on the web site at the time you placed your order
3.5. Pagan Wholesale reserve the right to substitute out of stock items with items of a similar value from a similar range.
We are a wholesaler and as such may substitute similar items if the one ordered is not available without notice. As a retailer you should be able to sell these easily. If you do not want substitutes you must tell us when you checkout otherwise we will assume substitutes are acceptable.

4. Returns
4.1. Any returns, damages, errors or omissions must be notified to us within 3 days of receipt of the item(s). If outside this period we may refuse to accept any returns.
4.2. We will only accept returns that are authorised by us in writing (usually by email). For unauthorised returns we reserve the right at our discretion not to compensate you for the items in any way. This can be a considerable amount so always get any returns authorised. Any items of a glass or highly breakable content such a crystals, glass, china candle holders, mugs, geodes etc ship at the buyers own risk, most carrier companies will not reimburse damages/breakable for these items. We will not pay for the return postage of any item/ items returned to us
4.3. We will only accept returns for faulty or damaged items at our discretion. If you merely do not like an item and wish to return it we may accept a return but it is entirely at our discretion as to whether we do so or not. Such returns will attract an admin/restocking fee of £35. A credit note off your next order will be issued on its safe return. Should you return an item or items for any reason, the value of those items will be deducted from your original order total. If that total then falls below either the minimum order or levels at which shipping costs increase, you will be liable for the surcharge or higher shipping rate applicable to that order had the items not been shipped in the first place. the See the shipping section below for further details on returns. If returned items mean your order total falls below our minimum order level you will be charged the current low order fee which will be offset from any refund or credit given.
4.4. If items are returned which are faulty you may elect for replacement items to be sent with your next order; a credit note for the items value off your next order; or a refund if the items cost more than £5.00 in total. We will usually require the faulty item to be returned to us for inspection at your expense, although a photo will often suffice if it shows the fault. Claims will only be entertained if the item is received in good as new condition (except obviously for the reported fault).
4.5. For damaged items and compensation, see the shipping section below.
4.6. Any items returned must be in as new condition or in the condition sent to you if faulty or it arrives damaged. All returns are at your expense for return shipping costs and due care must be taken to ensure they arrive safely to us. You are advised to send any returns by at least recorded delivery to ensure the items can be tracked.
4.7. If any packaging of the item is ripped open, or in any way not as new we will not entertain a claim. Therefore please open all items carefully to check their condition.
4.8.If an item is faulty in any way we must be informed before the item is returned. We will only pay return postage costs for faulty or damaged items properly authorised by us to be returned.


4.8. We prefer payment by internet bank transfer. On checkout select this option and details are then provided to you to make this payment from your bank account to ours using the internet. Your bank provided safeguards for these payments and they are complately safe to make. Should you make a payment to any other account other than that given to you we will not be liable in any way for any loss resulting freom that error. It is very important that you ensure you send payment to the correct account. For international payments we will email you our full details to make a payment. Again if you do not fill out your bank transfer request with the details exactly as provided we will not be liable for any loss resulting from the funds not arriving to our account. We will not pay your bank fees for an internet of bank transfer, do not tick recipient to pay fees or we will invoice you for those fees prior to shipping your order.

4.8.1.We also accept payment by Paypal online. The cart will take you to the Paypal secure server when you checkout if selected. You must fully complete checkout and click to return to our site from Paypal to complete the transaction. There is now NO FEE to use Paypal as payment for your order. If you receive your goods and then attempt a chargeback through Paypal the goods remain our property and must be returned to us at your expense. If there is a problem with your order you must email us first outlining what the problem is and how you would like it resolved.

4.9. All items sent remain the property of Pagan Wholesale until paid for in full including any shipping charges, VAT and any supplementary charges levied within the statement of these terms and conditions.
4.10. If payment for any item or charge or supplement remains outstanding we reserve the right to take action to recover the monies and further costs incurred owed by means of civil action or passing the debt to a debt collection agency as necessary.
4.10. We reserve the right to refuse to process an order or part order whether payment is made or not. If we do not process your order or part order we will refund any payment or part payment made.
4.11. If you place an order then later cancel it prior to shipping, we reserve the right to charge you for any item made to order for you. This includes all our hand made stock (including printing) as we do not keep reserve stock and make everything to order.See also section 1.2 above

5. Shipping

5.1. All orders will be sent by carrier or by Royal Mail services at our discretion.
5.2. Our aim is to be dealing with traders who are in business premises. However some customers now work from home. Some carriers may levy an additional charge if they call and no one is in. They then attempt a redelivery and may charge us for it. Any such redelivery charges or extra shipping fees will be passed on to you to pay. If not paid the whole order remains our property until such time as the fees are paid. When your order is sent your order on the web site will be updated to sent (and you receive a copy of the update by email). Your order will usually arrive within 2 working days following that update (UK mainland only). Carriers do not guarantee how many days shipping will take or what time of day they will call. If in doubt add a shipping address into your order where there will definitely be someone to sign for your parcel during the normal working day.
5.3. Shipping is notified on the cart on checking out and will usually show the correct charges to most destinations. If it is incorrect and costs more, we will apply the correct charge and notify you by email. We reserve the right to amend shipping charges without notice. Shipping is usually more expensive for the following locations:
a, some highlands or remote areas and offshore locations such as islands
b, the Isle of Man and the Isle of Wight
c, the Scottish Highlands and Islands and Northern Ireland
d, any other remote or inaccessible area
e, the Channel Islands are classed as international and require customs forms to be completed. Shipping is more expensive to this location , please email for a quote.
5.4. This list is not exhaustive. Any additional charge by our carrier will be passed on to you.
5.5. All shipping outside of the UK is charged at the level stated on the website when you check out and is mostly automated for each country. Costs shown to ship outside the EU and Europe are a guide only. If shipping costs more we reserve the right to charge extra to cover that cost.
5.6. When orders are marked as Sent they should arrive within 1-2 working days for UK mainland and within 3-5 days for international destinations. If they do not arrive within this time you must notify us immediately so we can track the parcel and determine its whereabouts. Failure to do so will result in additional costs for return or redelivery for which you will be liable. If these costs are not then paid by you, you will lose your entire order as the carrier may dispose of it. We accept no responsibility for such costs or disposal if you have not notified us of a failed delivery within that time frame.
5.7. All orders may only be shipped for the specified charge up to a maximum of 20 kilos for UK and worldwide deliveries (or 20kg volumetric weight whichever is the higher) for international deliveries. Orders exceeding those weights will be charged a second shipping fee (more if required to cover the shipping costs). Where possible we will do our best to minimise these costs. International orders that exceed 20 kilos or are large volumetric items, will be charged additional shipping charges to cover that cost.

6. Shipping, Insurance and Returns for Damages

6.1. All items are effectively sent uninsured for damage. Carriers do insure parcels sent within the EU for loss only but claims are subject to the following conditions:
a. We must be notified within 3 days of delivery for any claim for loss.
b. Damaged items will only be replaced, credited for or refunded to you upon completion of a successful claim against the carrier AT OUR DISCRETION ONLY. In all cases the items will need to be returned to us for inspection and completion of the claim or a clear image emailed to us showing the damage. Returning the items is at your expense. Your parcel has a maximum claim amount of £50 regardless of your order value. We will only compensate you with what is passed on to us by the carrier should the claim be successful. In effect this means you will not recover the full value of what you paid for an item if claiming for damage. If you require extra insurance you must ask for it on checking out and we will then obtain a quote from the carrier of the extra costs prior to shipping which must then be paid prior to the order shipping. The cost of shipping usually doubles for full loss insurance.
6.2. We are happy to wrap parcels for collection by your own carrier. If using your own carrier then all claims for any damage or loss are to be made by you. You must notify us when you order if using your own carrier and the shipping charge will then be waived.
6.3. No claim for damages will be entertained if the external packaging of the item has been forcibly ripped open or otherwise inappropriately opened. A small penknife will open 99% of the protective packaging of all items without such damage being caused. We cannot make a claim if the item packaging is damaged unnecessarily so will not entertain a claim if it has.
6.4. All parcels sent internationally that is, outside of the UK, are not insured for loss or damage in any way and as such we will not entertain any claim for any loss or damage caused. For faulty items please see the above paragraphs for procedures to be followed. All faulty items are to be returned to us at your own expense for any refund, replacement or credit claim to be made. If you merely do not like an item we will not normally accept its return for that reason. We will not accept any unauthorised return and will charge you as detailed above if you do so.
6.5 We aim to dispatch all parcels within 2 to 5 working days of receipt of payment, however please allow up to 3 working days for UK orders to arrive (from when you receive a notification that your parcel has been shipped) as we cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by the carriers, weather or postal disputes. For international parcels allow 7 working days from receiving a Sent notification. If your parcel has not been received after this timeline please inform us immediately so we can track the parcel and if lost file a trace with the carriers.
6.6 Additional conditions relating to Mugs: Please note that our mugs are breakable items made from ceramics and as such cannot be insured for damage in transit. It is still rare for them to be damaged and they are well packaged. We will not refund you for damaged mugs in transit. This will clarify the position before ordering and hopefully avoid the need to sort out problems afterwards.
6.7. Subject to the above conditions, we may well apply common sense to any problem that comes along. If we both can do so we can resolve anything to mutual satisfaction, without prejudice.

7. Back Orders and Missing Items

7.1. We will not back order items for you except at our own discretion. This is due to the extra shipping charges incurred in doing so, and also that the items back ordered may no longer be available. We will advise you usually by email or on your invoice if we will or can back order an item for you. You may be expected to pay an additional shipping cost unless you want the items sent with your next order if you insist on these items.
7.2. If the items that are out of stock have been paid for we will refund you the appropriate amount or issue you with a credit note, at our discretion. Should the out of stock item(s) cause your order to fall below the minimum order value we may ask you to substitute other items to reach that value or substitute similar items oursleves without referral. At our discretion we may issue a credit note for out of stock (but paid for) items that cause your order to be below the minimum order value. Likewise, should your order fall below the level set for a higher shipping rate by returning, cancelling or the non availability of back ordered items, the higher shipping rate will apply to the original order for which you will be charged.
7.3. Credit notes cannot be redeemed against a minimum order value. So if for example, you have a £20 credit note that you wish to redeem, then your order must reach your minimum order value plus £20.
7.4. If we accidentally or otherwise, omit an item from your order that you have been charged for, we reserve the right to simply refund your payment for said item or items. We are under no obligation to ship that item to you, but may do so provided you pay the additional shipping costs invloved in doing so even though the mistake may have been ours.
7.4. Please keep referring to the web site for out of stock items or email us to ask for availability. Generally, if it is not on the web site it is out of stock. Our newsletter will update you on news relevant to this section.

8. VAT
8.1. Note that from 0001 hours 1st August 2011 Pagan Wholesale is no longer registered for VAT. VAT will not therefore be charged on any order. Disregard any reference to VAT within these terms and conditions. Should we re register for VAT you will be notified.
8.2. If we make an error on the web site and the item or items are shown with an incorrect tax rate, we reserve the right to charge or refund your order as appropriate without notice.
8.3. We have downsized the business to a small family run operation and do not forsee us exceeding the VAT threshhold again.

9. New Traders

9.1. New traders are defined as those who cannot prove their trader status for whatever reason. New traders have additional terms and conditions imposed on them to deter the public posing as traders to buy at trade prices.
9.2. You will be notified of your minimum order value which will generally be at least 100% higher than that required for a normal trader. This will only apply to your first order. Subsequent orders will be at the usual mainstream minimum order level. You will be notified in an email what these levels are.
9.3. New traders given access to the shopping cart and prices on the web site will only be activated to do so for a period of up to 7 days. During this time they must place an order or be de activated. This is a one off. If you are deactivated we will not reactivate your access again, so only ask for activation if you are serious about buying stock. If an order is placed within this time to the required minimum order value then the time limit ceases to be and we will treat you as if you are a verified trader.
9.4. We will not trade or deal with in any way with new traders who register in different names and addresses in order to attempt to circumvent these conditions.
9.5. Any misrepresentation on your part will probably result in us refusing to trade with you and we reserve the right to do so.
9.6. New traders are particularly referred to the terms and conditions in full especially to the paragraphs dealing with devaluing or undermining trade confidence in our exclusive product ranges. We reserve the right to de-register and refuse to trade with anyone infringing these terms and conditions whether knowingly or otherwise.
9.7. If a new trader orders from us and is supplied by us, and we subsequently discover they are not genuine traders as defined in paragraph 2 above we reserve the right not to trade with them.

10. General Conditions

10.1. All items sold as magical products are sold as curios only. No claim is made as to their magical properties or otherwise.
10.2. Any items with an obvious risk in use, such as candles or incense are sold on the basis that the person buying takes full care and common sense when using such a product and when resold they inform their customer likewise.
10.3. No herbs are sold for internal consumption or for using on the skin. They are sold for magical uses only. All oils and ointments are made according to Trading Standards requirements, are hypoallergenic and have correct labelling with sell by dates. Again you should avoid contact with the skin on any of these products as a safety precaution. It is your duty to pass these warnings on to the public as the retailer, please ensure that you do so.
10.4 Whilst we take all due care and attention in the marketing and safety of our products, if you purchase a product from us and find a safety hazard please inform us immediately so that we can take the appropriate action.
10.5. We reserve the right to alter, amend, or add or delete any of these terms and conditions as necessary without notice. They are published on the web site at and are there for all to view. You also agree to these terms and conditions when you check out with an order. Should we check out your order for you (at your request or due to a fault on the payment module) it is taken as read that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions whether you have ticked the box saying so or not.
10.6 All images and item descriptions contained within this web site are copyright Pagan Wholesale and may not be used without written permission. If permission is allowed only images of stock that is actually purchased from us will be allowed. Item descriptions can only be copied if you hold stock of that item.
10.7 All artwork remains the copyright of the artwork owner, usually us. No one may copy or reproduce any artwork on this site or from goods purchased from us without express written permission from us to do so. Anyone found copying our intellectual property will be pursued for damages.

Please note; since downsizing our business we only respond to emails as we are now rarely in.

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